MedLyte is revolutionizing the way doctors connect with their patients to provide a world class follow-up care experience. Doctors and hospitals use MedLyte’s powerful telemedicine toolkit to periodically engage and educate their patients and provide consultations anytime, anywhere and on any device.

MedLyte provides an intelligent dashboard to the doctors to track all their patients and also a virtual consultation platform should a need arise to consult their patients on the go.

Business Problem :

Build a platform for doctors to register all their patients, book appointmentsfor virtual consultation, use audio-video calling and 2-way chat to consult patients and accept online payments.

Build a platform for patients to display list of all available doctors, book virtual consultations, upload medical documents and see consultation history withall doctors.

  • Design an intuitive user interface for doctors.
  • Create secure 2-way communication channel between Doctor and Patient for consultations.
  • Security to safeguard all sensitive HIPAA regulated content in the database.
  • Create login for both doctors and patients from the same portal.
  • Account for low bandwidth issues while establishing video calls.


The solution was built from scratch and took into account user experience journey of doctors and patients. Strong emphasis on UX/UI to increase adoption rates and reduce learning curves was implemented.

  • A common portal for doctors and patients built.
  • Registration page for patient onboarding on Doctor side.
  • Self-registration page for patients.
  • Tagging doctors by unique doctor IDs
  • Option to search doctors registered on the system.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Appointment booking system for patients.
  • 2-way chat integration
  • 2-way audio-video calling integration using third party APIs
  • Set up automatic SMS scheduling system to provide automated follow up care to patients